“The mission of Zat-Direct is to provide the maximum security to the customer through test support and deployment support of explosive detection and other security technology. Zat-Direct is committed to complying with requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Security Management System.”


Zat-Direct is organized to function optimally with an objective and work culture to empower the Associates. At Zat-Direct our core organizational concept is: “Every Zat Sectarian is a Leader” and is free to make decisions and be accountable for the outcomes. We also believe that through distributed leadership, we can realize the full potential of every associate and enable them to excel in whatever they do. Zat-Direct creates enduring value for the stakeholders – Customers, Associates, Investors and Society. In order to guide our leaders to be aligned with the Company’s vision, we have adopted a common framework called “Direct Way“. The way leads to the North Star, our vision besides allowing the Associates to have freedom to produce deliverables on target.

Zat-Direct businesses are organized under three streams: Relationships, Projects and Processes. Every business that impacts our stakeholders is entrusted to a leader who assumes end-to-end responsibility. These leaders have actionable, but stretch goals, and follow a metrics-driven approach. Zat-Direct relies upon the Company’s core competencies that are primarily anchored on the professional and personal strengths of each Associate. These competencies combine to form successful Zat-Direct.


Involving People

Zat-Direct achieves success through involvement of people at all levels both within and outside the organization. Zat-Direct partners are encouraged to continuously Consult, Collaborate and Contribute ideas encompassing all aspects of the business

Involving people is facilitated by the transparency in approach, non hierarchical structure and encouragement for innovation

By involving people we motivate associates, enhance their sense of belonging and instill entrepreneurial spirit.

Applying Knowledge

Information, innovation, and communication in real time are at the foundation of applying knowledge. This is facilitated by a fully networked organization which is intelligently connected.

We believe in staying ahead of the knowledge curve, and the adaptation of appropriate know-how to design, develop, test, and deliver top-notch products and solutions to our customers.


With the ‘New Initiatives’ in place and varied expertise technology taking the lead, Zat-Direct are now on the mission to create world class security to enhance safety quality of life.


We are committed to achieving our Vision by

  • Designing and executing Anti Terrorism Security to the safety of our customers through cost-effective, on-time, and customized solutions.
  • Imbibing ‘Total Quality Culture’ through continuous process improvement and training of our Associates.
  • Creating a safe and clean environment free from hazards, risks, and pollution.
  • Complying with all statutory, regulatory and other requirements relating to Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment at our offices and project sites.
  • Integrating QHSE processes into every aspect of our work.
  • This Policy is widely available to Associates, stakeholders and other interested parties.


Our clients are definitely not limited to the above list. We have other institutions and individuals as clients throughout the country.

We work in partnership with a number of complementary companies to ensure that each client receives expertise attention in every aspect of the project we implement. We have partnership agreements that provide seamless operations and are usually transparent to the all clients.